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As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES), Denise is your resource should you find yourself the PR to an estate. She has extensive experience working with PR's and Attorneys for an uncomplicated, smooth transaction. Going through probate can be stressful and a probate sale has different needs than a regular home sale. As an expert in probate real estate sales Denise understands the differences and walks through the responsibilities. She also has a long list of industry professionals such as estate sales companies to help make it a smooth transaction.


Why Hire a CPRES?

When the probate court appoints an Executor or Administrator as the personal representative of an estate, they become an officer of the court and accept certain duties and responsibilities. Some differences in a probate sale from a traditional home sale include:

  • Title

  • Disclosures

  • Court Timeline

  • PR Letters

Denise has a thorough understanding of probate real estate contracts, disclosure requirements, and probate disclosure exemptions. If an Executor hires a real estate agent that does not have specialized knowledge, training, and experience in probate sales, it can cause delays that cost the estate time and money.

"My uncle passed away recently leaving me as the PR to his estate. Denise couldn't have been more wonderful  to me! Considerable clean up in the house had to be done. Denise had the contacts to immediately have someone take care of it for me. She never failed to answer my calls and emails and took care of all the details of the sale with courtesy and good honor. She relieved so much of my stress. I don't know how I would have gotten through that process without her." ~ Klara H.


"If you need a real estate agent, look no further. Denise is prompt, effective, and awesome. She communicates well with clients and business professionals alike. I have referred my clients to her, and will continue to do so. Thanks Denise!"  ~ Jeff A., Estate Planning & Probate Attorney